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EagleNET is to be used only by prospective students, current students, faculty and advisors, employees, and alumni for access to their own EWU records.

This computer system is the property of Eastern Washington University and is for authorized use only. Use of this system must comply with all legal and policy restrictions including EWU Policy 901-02, Appropriate Use of University Resources and EWU Policy 203-01, Information Security. There is no expectation of privacy with regard to the use of University computer systems. All email and other information contained within this system is owned by the university and may be monitored, accessed, or disclosed for audit or legitimate state operational or management purposes, and is subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.

EWU is committed to safeguarding the privacy of personally identifiable information, including personal financial information, educational records, and health records.

EWUID: Your EWUID number is eight digits - If you do not know your EWUID #, please call Records and Registration at 509-359-2321.

PIN: The first time you login to EagleNET your PIN will be your birth date (mmddyy). You will be asked to reset your PIN when you login and to enter a security question. If you have previously logged in to EagleNET and cannot remember your PIN, enter your EWUID and click on the "Forgot PIN?" button. If you need assistance, call (509) 359-2247.

Multiple failures to enter the correct EWUID or PIN will result in your account being locked.

To protect your privacy, please exit and close your browser when you are finished.

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